Monday, April 30, 2007

Staying Connected At All Times

Many people, particularly the younger crowd, have immersed themselves in online social networking. New sites are continually popping up for sharing details about your life and many of the newer sites are allowing you to do so from your mobile phone.

In Social Networking Leaves Confines of the Computer, one creator of the technology explains, ”exhibitionism will exist as long as there is voyeurism, but we are in the business of helping people stay in touch with the people who are close to them.”

Fans of the technology use it to update their friends, family, or complete strangers on their daily lives. Some use it to share their travel experiences, like Walter Zai, who captured his African safari via his mobile phone for instant online sharing.

Services like Twitter provide continual messages from users answering the question, what are you doing right now? At the time I wrote this, problemboard was “feeling raindrops despite no clouds. I hope those are raindrops...,” while anjibee was “wearing my pink eskimo joe's tee that ronnoc sent me and pink jammie bottoms. might just wear them all day... .” Interesting.

Whatever the venue, social networking is will definitely be around for a while. New technology will continue to tweak the playing field. So, what am I doing right now? Walking away from the computer.


Farrell Kramer said...

Don't stay away to long...

Leigh said...

Never. I still spend far too much time on the computer.