Thursday, April 5, 2007

Magazine's Special Issue to Hit Web, Not Newsstand

The Week, a weekly news magazine, is issuing a special edition about the environment. Rather than printing the special issue and distributing it via mail and newsstands, it will be posting the issue on its website for one week beginning April 20.

Because trees will not be as endangered by the online posting, this method fits nicely with their environmental theme. Furthermore, The Week hopes that this will help expand their online presence in a world that is shifting to mixed media.

The idea has also proven enticing to advertisers. Lexus will be the sole sponsor for the special issue, for which they will also receive a series of print ads after the special edition.

The Week says, “ we’re trying to be as agnostic as possible about serving our readers in all the different media.” Consumers are becoming more finicky about how they want content and magazines like The Week that want to accommodate are presenting in multiple formats.

Despite the plethora of media formats available today, I’m still skeptical that print will ever go away completely. There are still a number of places where it makes sense to leverage print, at least for now.

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Anonymous said...

This entry brings up the dreaded question, "Is print an endangered species?" and the environmental spin played out here really drives the point home.
Yes, media is changing and the Internet can and should be a part of how we receive and communicate information. But, I have to agree with the author that print will not die. I am, of course, biased being an editor of a print publication. Can anyone, however, deny that reading something in print is a different experience from reading it on the Web? And as long as we crave that experience, the page will live on.

Leigh said...