Monday, April 16, 2007

Second Lifer’s Real Life Slips Away

This clever video narrates the story of Molotov Alva who “disappeared from his California home,” and reappeared in Second Life, an online virtual world. Alva describes how he came to existence in Second Life, trying on various clothing styles and even body shapes, before resting on one closely resembling his real life appearance. He has created a garden of photographs from his life before the virtual world to help him remember where he came from.

Whether taken seriously or tongue-in-cheek, this video shows how quickly one is able to shift their existence. Are those that immerse themselves in Second Life, removing themselves from real life? How are their relationships being affected? Since the video is titled “Episode 1,” I eagerly await the subsequent editions. This looks like a story worth watching to see if Alva returns to California.