Sunday, February 25, 2007

Why Blog?

Blogs fascinate me. As yet another interesting commentary on our society, many employ blogs as a means to express themselves. There is no consistency. Some blogs are filled with facts and research, some are personal diatribes, some are strictly business.

In Seth Godin’s recent post, If no one reads your post, does it exist?, he argues “the act of writing a blog changes people.” While I’m new at this, I agree with his point. Having a blog means you must have something to say, and you must say it well. What better way to learn about yourself?


Ashesh said...

Thanks for your note on my blog, Leigh. The effect of the internet on our society and different cultures is high on the list of the many things I am curious about. So I look forward to reading your thoughts.

And as a fellow newbie blogger, I'll make a request (and reciprocate, if you want). Do read my blog and let me know when you agree/disagree or think what I am writing makes no sense at all! Every now and then, all of us (especially me!) need a reality check.

Brett said...

Great point on "having something to say, and saying it well." As simple as that is, it's often the difference between greatness and mediocrity.