Tuesday, February 20, 2007

TechPresident.com One of Many Ways to See Presidential Candidates Online

They all have their own websites. They are announcing their intentions through YouTube. They are making a presence in Second Life (unofficially). No, I’m not speaking of your local teens. These are your 2008 presidential candidates.

As the Internet has become a popular means of communication, politicians are taking advantage. There will, no doubt, be more information about the candidates available to Internet users than they ever cared to know.

A site to watch is TechPresident.com, which will follow the Internet’s impact on the upcoming election. According to an InformationWeek article last week, TechPresident to Cover How Internet and Candidates Mix, topics will include how the candidates are using the Internet, how the public’s Internet activities will affect the campaign, and investigative blogs.

TechPresident.com’s blog is already in full force along with amateur photographs and links to each candidate’s website. As I follow the election on the Internet, I’m left with just one question: will my television still be overtaken?