Thursday, July 12, 2007

Digital Magazine Appeals to Senses

Smart magazine publishers realize that they can no longer be solely focused on print issues, they must explore multiple media formats to reach their audience. Obviously People magazine understands this. They have put together a digital magazine filled with fantastic displays of technology (or for you non-technical folks… lots of fun stuff to see, hear, and click). See that dolphin in the background of the cover shot? Go to People Digital Magazine and that dolphin is actually jumping out of the water and diving back in.

In this issue, you can see video of the latest roller coaster to be built at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA. You can watch the Harry Potter cast age through photos and test your knowledge of the stories: choose your answer and a clip from one of the movies will play to show you the right answer. A sizzling barbecue spread gives recipes and playlists for your summer feast. Concert previews, a live penguin camera, dunking American Idol contestants… what more can you ask for?

Movement, sound, and interactivity make this magazine exciting. While People magazine is not among my normal reads, I was hooked on playing with this digital issue. There are some great ideas to take from this.