Monday, May 21, 2007

Users Choose TV Shows

What do you want to watch on television? Networks have spent decades trying to push shows on to the viewers through pilots and short series in hopes of creating a winner. Now, some networks are finding value in trying new shows out on the Internet in specially formatted "webisodes." Consider it the new pilot. The network can monitor feedback on the web. We all know news, good or bad, travels fast through blogs. If the buzz looks positive, the network may choose to air a few episodes. If not, they may scrap it altogether.

Jordan Levin, former CEO of the WB network explained, "we're shifting to a user-empowered era in which audiences take ownership of content." (See article: TV Pilots Crash, Fans Race to the Web for the Next Viral Hit .)

Consumers have always been savvy. The Internet places more control in the consumers' hands, giving the users a venue to voice opinions on everything from television shows to politics. If the television networks can utilize the Internet to better viewer experiences, then why not try an online sneak peak?