Sunday, March 11, 2007

Speaking of being able to buy anything on the Internet…

It’s amazing what you can find for sale on the Internet when you’re not even looking. Even more amazing is the way technology is applied to every aspect of human existence.

Apparently there is a piece of software that helps women track their menstruation cycles and recommends the best times to try for a baby. The iOvulate Calculator even claims the ability to help choose gender, “although the success average is lower.” Let me know how that goes if you try it.

The Internet gives us access to all sorts of tools to enhance our lives. Though some may seem absurd to me, they no doubt serve a purpose to someone else. Perhaps it’s not even that the tools themselves seem absurd, just the method of distribution. People are willing to search impersonal sources for intimate information. We’ve succumbed to the world of technology and many wouldn’t have it any other way.


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